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Here I write reviews of books I read in portuguese, english and german! :) I am also looking for friends!

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Thank you for the welcoming! + The Library I visit

Hello again guys!


I am so happy with your comments in my last post and I am here again writing because I want to thank you all and I am gonna check up your profiles and read some reviews, but unfortunately I am studying a lot and don't have enough time. 





I also wanted to say that I am going every day to my local library to study German and keep up with some of my readings.


At the moment I am reading:



  • a biography about Tolkien (portuguese)
  • Chi (mangá/german)


It is being a great experience :) I can check always new books plus I am surrounded by books and it is cozy and brighter than my house haha.




So yea, I think that's all for today :) I am going to check out more your profiles soon!