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I Am the Cheese

I Am the Cheese - Robert Cormier I'm just shocked the way how this book ended. This books is full of craziness just like all books of Robert Cormier. The first book I read of him was After the First Death and it seems like all his characters are completely crazy and insane! In the beginning it seems like we are being submitted to Adam Farmer's whole life, but we see that it's all an attempt for him to find who he really is. The chapters twist in his attempt to remember what happened to him and a conversation with a weird man who sounds like a doctor or psychologist. In the end we find out everything without the explanations of the author, even though I'm not sure if I could really find what happened with him... It is such a dramatic and sad story and I got really shocked with the end...it is really really sad and I can't believe Adam's life really ended like that..