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Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury Got disappointed with this book... It had an amazing story and great characters, but I didn't like the narrative of Ray that much... Don't come and tell me that I didn't understand the criticism of the book because I did *facepalm*.

I don't know how to explain how Ray Bradbury writes, it's just silly for me...I didn't like it :/. I love all characters mainly Clarisse, I liked the idea of the story, but not much happens in this book. It's all about a fireman called Guy Montag who is fucking annoyed of the ignorance of his society. He can't understand why people are so stupidly retardad and only watch their stupid TV and don't care about anything else! It's just about his attempt in trying to fix this, but I think that for this book to be better it should be longer...I don't know ._. I really don't know how to put my feelings here, this book was just really weird to me and I got so disappointed with the end, what was it? I mean, it was so fast and so out of a sudden ._.

There is a war happening in this world and we aren't introduced to it! We don't know what it is and for what it's for! I was pretty counfused about it and I think the author should have developed it a little bit more. What really made me not like the book was the narrative that I didn't appreaciate much and the fact that not much happens in the book, it could be a tale.

Coming back to the war part, the end was so out of a sudden because that war ended! And I didn't know why or how! *facepalm*. I also got confused about Mildred's behaviour when Montag showed a book in front of her friends. It sounded like she wanted to protect him, but I'm not really sure...
End of Spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I think it's a meeh book :c